5 Powerful Qualities Millennials Bring to the Workplace

Millennials are making a change in the workplace! They use more social media and more technology than any other generation, they have a great aspiration to be creative in whatever they do, and they work for a good cause. They are one of the most powerful generations in the world and businesses everywhere are taking notice. Here’s 5 of the most powerful qualities that we believe Millennials possess.

  1. Faith– While past generations sought out stable jobs that they could work at for years to come, Millennials prefer to work in a startup environment. They don’t mind the risk of failure; instead they embrace the perspective of possibility.
  1. Teamwork – Millennials are a no-person-left-behind generation. They highly value teamwork more than individual efforts and love being taught by their peers to help them grow and improve as employees.
  1. Communication Skills– Many businesses are trying to discover the ropes of social networking and how to use it. Millennials grew up on the stuff; they might even know it TOO well. For new businesses, it’s an impressive quality to have, and it’s a huge plus for companies trying to grow virtually.
  1. Fulfillment. Many Millennials would rather have the fulfillment of knowing they are doing something good over the monetary reward. They want to make a difference. Millennials are a driving force towards significant, innovative, and lasting social change that will benefit all.
  1. Diversity – Millennials are the most diverse generation and are expected to become the majority by 2042. They don’t just embrace diversity on the job, they expect it.

With all these amazing qualities how could you not want to hire a Millennial?! They want to work for the opportunity of making new friends, learning new skills, and connecting for a larger purpose.

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