LoveInPink Amanda Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Amanda Bertoncini

Amanda Bertoncini, entrepreneur and reality star, is the first LoveInPink brand ambassador! She is a fashion maven, blogger, philanthropist and TV reporter, making her an inspirational and empowering role model for women of all ages. We believe that ambassadors embody what a brand is all about, which is why Amanda is perfect for the job! Get to know more about Amanda through the interview below and see what she has to say about entrepreneurship, jewelry trends and life lessons.

LoveInPink: What inspired you to start your own business and what have you learned since you’ve been the owner of a company?

Amanda: I was always inspired by fashion and saw a need in the market for what I like to call “beverage couture.” When I was working in the fashion district, I would see women and men walking to work in their beautiful outfits, but carrying around iced coffee with napkins all around it and leaking on their silk shirts and ties. It didn’t go! I felt confident in myself and in my passion to know that I was on track to a great idea.  When you feel that belief in yourself, it is the best motivation. If the company didn’t work, at least I tried my absolute best and gained more knowledge from it. I definitely learned a lot. The best thing you can do for your company is realizing when to make a change.  Sometimes it’s hard to admit fault within your business, but when you have that moment of clarity it will only prosper from change. Nothing successful ever comes from staying stagnant.

LoveInPink: How did you get from in front of the camera to behind it? Is reporting something you had pictured doing in your life?

Amanda: Let’s be honest, I love the camera! I have since I was a little girl. I really enjoyed being on Bravo, and it was a time in my life that I will never forget! Being involved in a reality show though is quite stressful! Even though my personality is very outgoing, I’m actually not a very dramatic person. I can handle stressful situations very well, but sometimes I would come home after filming and lay in bed for hours thinking, “what the hell just happened…?!”  I am in love with TV reporting and find it so natural to interview people and dive deep into real life situations.  In general, I’m very interested in meeting new people and curious to find out their backstory.  I can start up a full on conversation with just about anybody! As a TV host, I am constantly learning about new people and places, which I find gratifying.

LoveInPink: What was the best part of having certain aspects of your life broadcasted on national television?

Amanda: Whenever my family was on television, I would crack up laughing because that’s how they are in real life.  I have the best family in the world, and all their idiosyncrasies were magnified. I couldn’t contain the laughter! I also loved watching my boyfriend, Jeff, on TV because we were only dating for 6 months when I started filming, so you can watch our relationship progress right in front of your eyes.  I was able to watch my mannerisms and make changes to what I found irritating! Like, the baby voice I do to him.  Well, I still do it… lol! I was also able to showcase my company, The Drink Hanky, on the show and I feel grateful to have had that opportunity where my product reached buyers around the world!

LoveInPink: What motivated you to become a philanthropist and give back?

Amanda: I felt extremely connected to the Lymphoma Research Foundation which is why I started my own charity campaign with JoinStarling. My father has been in full remission for 5 years, and I want to give back to them anyway I can so other families can benefit from cancer research as well. To donate to my charity campaign visit and receive rewards for each dollar amount!

LoveInPink: Are you a big believer in women’s rights and empowerment?

Amanda: I am a strong believer in women’s rights and empowerment! We have to stick together and support each other’s accomplishments. We can be strong and independent while also being caring and selfless. Now, more than ever, with the power of social media, women are broadcasting their voices and owning their body imperfections, wage rights, sexuality and more. I find it inspiring and am beyond honored to be considered a woman with a powerful voice and admirable presence to represent the LoveInPink brand.

LoveInPink: What are your favorite jewelry trends and your most worn piece?

Amanda: My favorite jewelry trend is to stack and layer. I love to stack bracelets, rings and necklaces on top of one another, which is perfect with LoveInPink because there are tons of options! My favorite pieces, which I never take off, are my two go-to necklaces.  One is a hamsa that I bought when my grandma was in hospice care. When  she passed away last summer, I made sure to have the matching necklace on her.  I never take it off.  I also layer it with my favorite piece from LoveInPink which is my customized “LOVE” necklace with aquamarine birthstone.

LoveInPink: What is one important life lesson that you would like to share with our readers?

Amanda: Own who you are. Embracing your accomplishments and imperfections is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  Don’t be afraid of change. Change will happen throughout your life and it is the first step to growth.

We love the advice that Amanda gave throughout this interview, and we hope that is has inspired you! Receive $10 off your entire order when you use promo code AmandasVIP at check out. To learn more about LoveInPink’s brand ambassador program, send an email to