How to Build Power and Boost Confidence

International Women’s Day named “Make It Happen” as its empowering theme to celebrate on March 8th of this year. Although International Women’s Day has passed, we believe that this theme should continue to be celebrated every day. At LoveInPink, it’s our mission to make women feel inspired and powerful. We strive for our jewelry to speak to women and make them feel like they can do anything… like they can make anything happen.

A lot of times, we ladies get stuck in our daily routines of getting up, getting dressed, going to work, and then coming home completely exhausted. We daydream about having time to work out and get in shape without having to spend the money or the time. Fortunately, there are some ways to sneak around this quicksand routine and get the exercise we need. Once you incorporate exercise into your daily routine, your momentum builds and you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

Not only does exercise make us feel good physically, but the mental and emotional impacts it has on our overall health are outstanding. One sure way to give yourself a confidence boost is by putting those muscles to work. We’ve compiled a few ways you can “make it happen” on a budget and a tight schedule!

  1. Take a Free Yoga Class

Yoga has become a permanent trend, (kind of like stacking rings). In select places around the country, including New York, a unique group called Yoga to the People exists. They hold free yoga classes to the public in 4 Manhattan locations. The best part? There are no reservations required! Simply walk in at any of the times listed on their website. Although the class is free, they do encourage donations – which does the soul good anyway. If you want to get toned and fit without worrying about your budget, definitely check them out!

  1. Sign Up for a Free Spin at Soul Cycle

Spinning is all the rage these days. We are constantly witnessing bloggers, celebs, and our friends going to spin class. Although it is safe to assume that women are paying a good amount of money for each class, there are ways to spin for free. We are happy to let you in on the hidden gem of free Soul Cycle classes! If you sign up every Monday at noon, you are able to register for their Gratis Community Rides. Keep in mind that first time riders also get one free class of their choice. So go enjoy and no excuses!

  1. Run for Love

If you want to date and exercise, (or exercise and date), but don’t have the time to do both, combine the two activities! There is a plethora of running groups that travel around different parts of the city at various times, so you can find the perfect fit for you. Being a part of these groups makes running much more exciting, and you’re much more likely to meet your soul mate when you have a common interest. If you end up meeting someone that you’re into, you will be more motivated to keep coming back and stay in shape! Fun on Foot is one organization that lets people know about a variety of runs going on in New York City. Check out their website for their running schedule.

Making it happen and taking control over your health is an important part of being a woman. We hope that these three tips help you to hit your goals and improve your life, health, and confidence! Most of all, we want you to stay inspired and love yourself!

If you have any tips on fun and free exercise, please leave them in the comments below!