Startups from Millennials We LOVE!

“Millennials,” “Generation Y,” “The Peter Pan Generation,” – they go by many names and were roughly born between 1980 and 2000. Millennials are full of innovative ideas and have equality on their minds. Successful millennial women in power are an inspiration for girls everywhere. Women who have a belief and a passion motivate all to follow their dreams and make a difference. Here are a few startups from millennials we love!

  1. Vanessa Hurst is a computer programmer and social vanesentrepreneur currently living in New York City. She believes software is about humanity; ‘Girl Develop It’ is nonprofit organization that was made to provide affordable and judgment-free opportunities for women interested in learning web and software development. ‘Girl, Develop It!‘ started by women who were tired of the lack of ladies in tech, and wanted to make a change. Today, ‘Girl Develop It’ chapters are building strong, empowered communities in 46 cities, representing 35,000+ members nationwide who are changing their lives through learning to code with us.


  1. Tanya Menendez grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tanya tanyastudied technology and its socioeconomic impacts on rural economies at UCSD. She founded ‘Maker’s Row,’ whose mission is to make the manufacturing process simple to understand and easy to access. From large corporations to first time designers, they are providing incomparable access to industry-specific factories and suppliers across the United States.


  1. pr-mdempsey (1)McCall Dempsey is the founder of Southern Smash. After battling an eating disorder for 15 years, she decided to start an organization supporting women with eating disorders and teaching them self-love. She has made eating disorder awareness and prevention her life’s mission. Through ‘SmashTALK’ panel discussions, handouts, support groups and its unique and empowering scale smashing event, Southern Smash aims to educate the public about the dangers of eating disorders, but also to empower women to celebrate and embrace true beauty and self-love.


  1. Tammy Tibbetts founded ‘She’s The First’ to sponsor girls’ tammyeducation in low income countries, giving them the chance to be the first in their family to graduate from secondary school. After reporting on a foundation that sponsored children’s education in war-torn Liberia, she felt the immediate need to give girls worldwide access to an education. hotmail site down . This was the story she couldn’t walk away from, so she traveled to Liberia and began to volunteer for the cause after graduation. ‘She’s the First’ became part of the movement that believes “the best way to fight poverty and extremism is to educate and empower women and girls.” ‘She’s the First‘ launched in November 2009, on the belief that money could affordably be raised for girls’ education through the creativity of young people.

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