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Tips to Transition from College to Professional Life

Transitioning from college to professional life is an exciting and important time in your life.   Although you may make different career choices throughout your life, we have the perfect jewels to track your exciting career story. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to guide you on staying focused and achieving success in your new lifestyle.

Here are some words of wisdom on how to stay centered while transitioning to your bright career:

1. LOVE WHAT YOU DO! If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life! We can’t stress the importance of this mindset enough. A great way to remind yourself of your commitment to your career might be to engrave the word “Passion” (or the deets of your college and degree) on the gorgeous plate bracelet.

2. CREATE HEALTHY STRUCTURE. You can’t continue that college sleeping schedule of getting to sleep as the sun rises. In order to successfully transition into a new career mindset, you will have to create healthy habits in your life – and stick to them! Psychologists have often requested that clients tie a string around their fingers to remind themselves to stick to new habits. However, a ring is a much more permanent reminder than a string.  Jeweled messages like “Breathe,” “Mindful” or “Insight” on a stack of rings might be just the thing to keep you committed to your new path, and are so much more sophisticated and chic.

3. CONNECTING. Networking and finding like-minded people to support you in your career path is a priceless skill. Treating every professional and social meeting as an opportunity to learn and grow will naturally lead you to career greatness; you may also find some new BFFs by doing this! Use your LoveInPink designs as a “conversation starter.” Wearing a personalized necklace with an interesting message like “Namaste” or “One Love” is bound to spark a convo every time.

Becoming an adult in the “real world” is an exciting and life-changing experience. Working hard and following a career path that you love will provide you with freedom that you didn’t feel you had while relying on your parents’ pocketbook. As Oprah says “there is no greater gift you can receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born and how you become most truly alive.”